Testing Micronutrients Inside the Cell and Addressing Deficiencies with Orthomolecular Nutrition: Leaving No Stone Unturned

Spectracell is micronutrient testing technology that looks at a functional, cellular level of 31 vitamins, minerals, fatty-acids, antioxidants, and metabolites in your body to help you become the healthiest you!

So, we are not just looking at what is going on in your blood, we are taking it a step further to look inside your CELLS where deficiencies can hide!

Micronutrient deficiencies affect not only overall physical health, but have a huge impact on mental health as well. Introducing Spectracell technology to our clients is a way of ensuring that nothing is standing in the way of not just great, but excellent results.

Spectracell is not mandatory, but highly recommended. We have kept it at cost in order to provide the best possible service to our clients.

In our office, we have a micronutrient collection available that we feel is the best of the best, according to all research. We hope that you will invest in your total health picture by making sure you are giving your body what it needs in order to maximize your brain’s performance with neurofeedback training.

Please ask the front desk for more information. Also, learn more by checking out www.spectracell.com.

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