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Neurofeedback therapy is a type of biofeedback for the brain. Remember Pavlov’s dog? Neurofeedback uses the same psychological principle of paired learning, called operant conditioning, to train the brain to normalize brainwave activity.

Basically, as the brain is rewarded for producing normal activity it produces more of it, and with repetition the normalized patterns become memorized and therefore permanent. As brainwave activity normalizes, symptoms dissipate and can completely resolve.

Hence, Neurofeedback combines old school psychology with modern technology to bring lasting change and mental healing.




In order to determine the most effective treatment locations and guide Neurofeedback therapy, we employ the most advanced qEEG Brain Mapping technology. Our qEEG Brain Maps cover 20 locations of the brain and measure the most important aspects of the relationship between delta, theta, alpha, beta, and high beta activity, which are various speeds of electrical current in the brain.

The Brain map then gives a clear picture of brainwave activity, showing what activity is in normal and outside of normal limits in all locations. In so doing, Brain Mapping insures the highest level of accuracy and efficacy for directing Neurofeedback protocols by giving a clear picture of brainwave activity and generating the most efficacious treatment locations.



When beginning treatment, each client receives a personalized Brain Map consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to help each person understand what their brain wave activity is doing that is contributing to maladaptive issues and to clearly define how Neurofeedback therapy will work to correct those issues.

Many individuals feel hugely relieved to uncover the “invisible giant” that has been plaguing them or their loved one and deeply encouraged to know that help is quickly on the way.

Anna Raab, M.A., BCN, is a Board Certified Neurofeedback Therapist. Board Certification insures the highest quality International Standards for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.

We have a team of experienced and board-certified neurofeedback specialists who will tailor a plan to individual needs and specific brain patterns. At Abundant Living, we assist our patients in learning to regulate brain activity and attain more balanced responses.