Neurofeedback therapy is a type of biofeedback for the brain.  Remember Pavlov’s dog?  Neurofeedback uses the same psychological principle of paired learning, called…



Total mental heath becomes what we call a, “garden of grace” that results from doing the work necessary to become a whole and complete individual.  The end result is what Paul the apostle calls…



“I can’t say enough for your help and expertise. There are no words. The anxiety is completely gone and I am forever grateful. This has been a truly life changing experience…”

An overview...

Through Neurofeedback we will measure your brain’s electrical patterns through qEEG Brain Mapping and train your brain wave patterns to normalize.  As your brain waves normalize- symptoms dissolve and true healing can occur.

Through Counseling, we can support the process by helping you work through dilemmas and challenges in such a way that you have optimal control of your life. With solid values and a holistic perspective, we will implement healthy strategies to guide the way.  Mind, Body, Soul – complete and whole.

There are many puzzle pieces to a complete mental health picture and we will help you put them together!

Get to Know Us…

Anna Raab M.A., BCN is the Owner and Director of Abundant Living Neurofeedback and Counseling.  She is a highly competent and compassionate clinician with a passion for helping people attain complete mental health and healing.  She implements the highest standards of Neurofeedback technology and Counseling ethics in her practice.

Anna was a University Scholar at the University of Tennessee and received her Masters degree in Counseling and Biblical Studies from Harding School of Theology in Memphis, TN.

Having over a decade of experience helping hundreds of clients, Anna is one of the most highly qualified board certified clinicians and mentors in the field of neurofeedback…

Delivering Results

I feel like someone who is blind seeing for the first time. I’ve never known what it is to feel normal until now. There is just no other way to describe it. I don’t have to fake it anymore. There’s no way I could ever thank you enough.

Intro to Neurofeedback

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Recent Testimonials

I used to be obsessed about certain issues and I would repeat negative thoughts over and over. Now I’m less pessimistic and able to see the good in people and situations. I can now let go of OCD thoughts like whether or not I forgot to turn off the lights. My memory and perceptions were overrun with negativity. Now I see more positively and objectively. I was impulsive, wouldn’t study and couldn’t plan well. Now I can study well and follow through with things that require planning and organization. I used to feel out of body and disconnected- more like I was watching myself, almost like I was in a dreamlike state. Now I feel more present and focused. My attention is so much better. I used to daydream to the extreme. Now it’s completely controllable. I’m doing better on tests and I can articulate in writing better. I’m also able to verbalize things better and actually say what I’m thinking.