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Abundant Living focuses on full spectrum client care that includes:

  • Functional – Highly experienced qEEG evaluation for Neurofeedback therapy
  • Biological – Blood testing for micronutrient evaluation
  • Emotional – Specialized counseling
  • Mental – Psychiatric evaluation where needed
  • Spiritual – Competent care guided by love and compassion

With Neurofeedback, we will measure your brain’s electrical patterns through qEEG Brain Mapping and train your brain wave patterns to normalize.  As your brain waves normalize- symptoms dissolve and true healing occurs.

Through Micronutrient Testing, we identify the deficiencies your brain is struggling with that can result from improper diet, environmental factors, and malabsorption issues. For optimal functionality, our comprehensive results detail over 25 vitamins and minerals that your brain needs at a cellular level to power it properly and successfully.

Through Counseling & Specialized Therapy we can support the process by helping you work through dilemmas, challenges, and traumas in such a way that you have optimal control of your life. With solid values and a holistic perspective, we will implement healthy strategies to guide the way. Mind, Body, Soul – complete and whole!

Through Psychiatric Evaluation & Therapy Dr. Saliba attends to many different mental health conditions, stating, “No issue is too small or too large for this practice to handle.” As a practicing psychiatrist for over 25 years, He sincerely cares deeply for his patients, which includes both young and old. Patient care is the heart of his practice. Dr. Michael Saliba, M.D., is a double board certified psychiatrist with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for both Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and General Psychiatry.

Anna Raab, M.A. Counseling, Board Certified Neurofeedback
Owner and Director

Get to Know Us…

Anna Raab M.A., BCN is the Owner and Director of Abundant Living Neurofeedback and Counseling.  She is a highly competent and compassionate clinician with a passion for helping people attain complete mental health and healing.  She implements the highest standards of Neurofeedback technology and Counseling ethics in her practice.

Anna was a University Scholar at the University of Tennessee and received her Masters degree in Counseling and Biblical Studies from Harding School of Theology in Memphis, TN. Having over a decade of experience helping hundreds of clients, Anna is one of the most highly qualified board certified clinicians and mentors in the field of neurofeedback…

Delivering Results

I feel like someone who is blind seeing for the first time. I’ve never known what it is to feel normal until now. There is just no other way to describe it. I don’t have to fake it anymore. There’s no way I could ever thank you enough.

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We are no longer having to push him. We are hands off now. He is getting A’s and B’s and is no longer forgetting assignments.