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Neurofeedback Peak Performance is an amazing tool to utilize.

It can improve your performance academically, professionally, and athletically.

Though previously applied in more clinical contexts, recent years have seen an increase in popularity for Neurofeedback training in the world of professional business and sport. Peak Performance strives to create the most optimal conditions, both mentally and physically, to triumph in a highly competitive and pressure-filled environment.

Rather than attempting to detect changes in neural activity (as per the clinical application), Neurofeedback training, when applied to areas of peak performance, aims to detect the optimal levels of cortical activity, and harness them for future success. As this optimal state is reinforced via operant conditioning, the training has been implicated in the acquisition and mastery of a wide range of physical and cognitive skills, and reducing the time taken to turn a novice individual into an elite performer.

The self-regulation techniques involved in Neurofeedback training, such as increasing attention and motivation, concentration, and greater autonomic control, all represent powerful tools for expert performance in peak performance clients. It can help clients quiet their mind and regulate their mental and emotional environment and concentrate more thoroughly – all of which reflect both indispensable tools for daily life, and states highly conductive to peak cognitive and athletic performance.

A study by Wang and colleagues (2013) also looked at frontal-midline theta activity and its effectiveness on working memory and attention. Thirty-two participants (both young and old) were placed into two groups. The first group received neurofeedback training while the other group received sham-neurofeedback training.

The results showed that the neurofeedback training improved the working memory of older participants while younger participants improved their executive function. Performance on attention tests improved for both the younger and older participants.


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