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Recovering from Radiation Brain
Meet Andrea

Recovery from OCD, Anxiety and Depression
Grant’s “Life is Saved”

Daddy and Daughter Recover from Anxiety and Depression
Al & Amelia’s “Nothing short of miraculous” Journey

Recovery from Adult ADHD & Anxiety
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Recovery from Severe Chemo Brain, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression – Meet Madison

Recovery from Depression

Pastor Gabbert “gets his daughter back”

Recovery from Anger & ADHD
Meet Matthew


Jamie and Michelle

Meet Amy

Meet Billy and Susan

Meet Kristen

My goal before neurofeedback was simply to be able to get through the day without feeling panic, but I ended up being able to cut my ADHD medication in half.  Now I feel like I can control my thoughts, and I don’t feel that frantic hyper energy that fueled the anxiety and made me feel so nervous and restless. Neurofeedback helped me regain control of my life.”

Meet Alethia

Meet Betsy

Meet Hayden

Meet Louden