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Recovery from Anger and Eating Impulse

Brooks “making life more enjoyable”

Attention, Focus and Reaction Time
Grant shaves off seconds and peaks his performance

Phil Gets His Life Back

Complete recovery from debilitating daily migraines

Donna “Found the Joy of Each Day”

Grief-stricken after her husband passed during Covid-19 Pandemic

Putting Out the Brain on Fire

Stacey is now in charge of her mind and choosing her thoughts

Recovery from ADHD and Extreme Tantrums

Carolyn has “a totally different child”

Jacob Survives Fatal Car Wreck

Complete recovery from traumatic brain injury

Carolyn Saves Her Sanity & Her Son

Recovery from extreme ADHD

Taylor’s Fast Track to Peak Brain Performance

Family members’ recovery drive him to fly higher

Recovering from Radiation Brain
Meet Andrea

Recovery from OCD, Anxiety and Depression
Grant’s “Life is Saved”

Daddy and Daughter Recover from Anxiety and Depression
Al & Amelia’s “Nothing short of miraculous” Journey

Recovery from Adult ADHD & Anxiety
Meet Trent

Recovery from Severe Chemo Brain, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression – Meet Madison

Recovery from Depression

Pastor Gabbert “gets his daughter back”

Recovery from Anger & ADHD
Meet Matthew


Jamie and Michelle

Meet Amy

Meet Billy and Susan

Meet Kristen

After one round of sessions I’m off my medication, have had no distinct mood swings and am sleeping consistently and soundly. I’m doing so much better. It’s truly amazing.

Meet Alethia

Meet Betsy

Meet Hayden

Meet Louden